Folding Round Poker Table

Rounded Casino Poker Game Table has a stylish and water-resistant cushioned rail with 8 drink holders for your refreshments during the game so you can enjoy and relax at the same time!

 The Rounded Casino Poker Game Table is an innovative table and card and dice friendly and can be used for any casino game such as Blackjack, Baccarat, Texas Hold’em, and other types of poker games!

WHY BUY THIS? Because if you like to gamble a bit, and there’s nothing wrong with that, then you probably played some poker during your lifetime. And what’s better than playing poker with your buddies. You know, while you watch football. Well, maybe spending time with your spouse. Okay, at least that’s what you better tell your spouse. But we digress. And since this folding round poker card table can be stored away when not in use, it will preserve space in your Man Cave. It’s perfect.

You can also take a look at the Barrington 10 Player Poker Table.  Or the beautiful Wood Poker Table or the Circular Poker Table. Instead of a folding round poker card table, consider this Octagon Poker Table, which can potentially seat up to 8 players.

Octagon Poker Table