Faux Bear Skin Area Rug

Fur Accents Premium Faux Bear Skin Accent Rug.

Premium Faux Fur Front with real Ultra Suede Lining.

Easy Care Cold Water Wash Air Dry Shake and Toss.

100% Animal Friendly and Animal Free Accent Rugs and Bedding.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this faux bear rug will be perfect for your Man Cave even if you’re not going for that rustic feel.  And it looks real enough to convince your friends (especially after they had a few beers) that you fought off and defeated this ferocious Bear after it ventured into your suburban neighborhood. And it’s made of faux fur too so you can always turn it into a faux fur jacket for your spouse whenever you’re in the proverbial dog house. You can also consider the Faux Polar Bear Skin Rug for your Man Cave.


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