Entrance to Speakeasy Sign

Distressed versions have simulated rusty edges and faded paint and scratches to give a nice aged and worn look.

Durable aluminum won’t rust, 8 inches x 12 inches w/ rounded corners and mounting holes.

WHY BUY THIS? Because we love Speakeasy’s and think this Entrance for Speakeasy bar sign should be in your Man Cave. In fact, we recommend that you visit the Cosmo when in Vegas, which has three Speakeasy’s for your enjoyment…

We think you need a Secret Bookcase Door as well for your Man Cave, but then where would you hang this Entrance to Speakeasy bar sign. It will bring back the Prohibition era, though the sign would probably tip off those folks who were actually enforcing prohibition, like maybe your spouse. Still, you could hang it on the outside but then it’s no longer a secret Man Cave. We think you should put it inside your Man Cave pointed at the door, although it may be confusing to your patrons, uh, we mean friends, because technically it’s pointing to the exit. Okay, who cares. You can also take a look at the Agents Pour Liquor Wall Art to remind you how tough our forefathers had it. Oh, and speaking of Probation, you should consider this vintage wall art of the Night Prohibition Ended…

Night Prohibition Ended Wall Art


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