English Bulldog Wine Bottle Holder

Playful yet protective, the beloved English Bulldog is realistically rendered here as a handy wine bottle holder. Set this beautifully carved sculpture on your bar or counter and you have an instant conversation starter with your party guests. What a clever way to show off your favorite bottle of wine! This decorative dog wine bottle display stand will also accommodate oil bottles and standard size liquor bottles.

WHY BUY THIS? Because who doesn’t like an English Bulldog chugging a bottle of wine.  We think this will garner the approval of your spouse, and make great décor for your Man Cave even if you’re not a wine connoisseur. And this has a perfect five star rating on Amazon. That’s the equivalent of throwing a perfect game in baseball. You can also take a look at the French Bulldog Wine Holder. Oh, and not to play favorites, if you are a cat person, you should consider this Kitty Cat Wine Bottle Holder. Or get both.

Kitty Cat Wine Holder


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