Electric Wine Chiller

This wine bottle chiller is made of a high-quality brushed metal refrigerated inner barrel and stainless steel lasing, it can hold a single 750ml standard-sized wine bottle. Its portable and elegant design allows it to use in a small kitchen, condo, cottage, RV, bar, office, etc. Enjoy your wine anytime, anywhere!

The LED display allows you to view and adjust the temperature easily, the temperature of the wine can be easily controlled between 41℉-64℉(5℃-18℃). With this electric wine bottle cooler, you don’t need to worry about the wine’s taste due to the temperature change. The chill effect of the wine stays nice.

WHY BUY THIS? Because you’ll be drinking wine in your Man Cave as well as possibly sipping some champagne as you celebrate yet another milestone in your life, such as staying alive in this world for a half-century. Yeah, just let that sit in for a bit. We mean, think about the technology that existed when you were born and compare it with today. How did folks survive back then? You mean, you had to talk to people. We digress.


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