Electric Recliner Chair

With overstuffed cushion and comfortable faux leather material, this recliner chair allows you to have a more comfortable sitting feeling. Simple two buttons press activate reclining function with extremely smooth gentle motion. This electric movie chair perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, and theater rooms. 

When you enjoy your time, you will definitely feel that holding something in your hand is not good. We have also considered this for you. Our media room power chair has 2 hidden arm storage, which can be enough for you to place your remote control, mobile phone, iPad, and books. 2 cup holders can place your drinks and free your hands. 

The single recliner chair sofa has two USB ports hidden in the arm storage and one USB port located at the button. They can all charge your devices (The USB ports ONLY for low-power devices, such as iPhone, iPad.).

WHY BUY THIS? Because this electric power recliner home theater chair will provide a comfortable seating option at a reasonable price. As described, it has an overstuffed cushion that provides “a more comfortable sitting feeling.” So, you can definitely take that afternoon cat nap in this electric power recliner home theater chair. Or read a book. Or watch television in your Man Cave. Hey, that’s a novel idea. It has USB ports, a storage compartment, but most importantly, two cup holders. Double-fisted anyone? And in addition to cream white, it’s available in dark brown.

And if you like to relax in zero gravity, then take a look at the Zero Gravity Leather Recliner.  Or the Overstuffed Recliner. Otherwise, you can consider this electric chair for your Man Cave, which comes with a USB port.

electric chair


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