Electric Recliner Chair

Pressing two-button easily activates the reclining function with smooth and gentle motion. The comfortable recliner is designed with a thick cushion and soft faux leather. The single sofa chair with exquisite sewing design is suitable for living room, bedroom, and home theaters.

Zero Wall Recliner: Better than a wall hugger recliner, this recliner can be placed directly against a wall. When the back of the seat leans down, the seat base automatically moves forward so that the back of the recliner doesn’t hit the wall. Suitable for small spaces such as RV.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this electric power recliner home theater chair will provide a comfortable seating option at a reasonable price. It can be used as a home theater seating because it has a power headrest. When you are resting or watching a movie, you can adjust the headrest to keep your neck in the most comfortable position So, you can definitely take that afternoon cat nap in this electric power recliner home theater chair. Or read a book. Or watch television in your Man Cave. Hey, that’s a novel idea. It has two USB ports so your phone will never run out of power And in addition to chocolate, it’s available in cognac brown and grey. One of those colors should work in your Man Cave.

And if you like to relax in zero gravity, then take a look at the Zero Gravity Leather Recliner.  Or the Overstuffed Recliner. Otherwise, you can consider this electric chair for your Man Cave, which comes with a USB port.

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