Duff Beer Mug

The classic design features the beloved Duff Beer can design. With a 24oz capacity, you can enjoy your favorite cold beverage in style, whether beer, soda, or anything in between. Even Homer Simpson will envy your stein.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this Duff glass beer mug from the classic animated Series, the Simpsons, is a must-have for your Man Cave. You’ve seen the Simpsons. And if you haven’t, there are 34 seasons to watch. Season 35 will begin in October, 2023. And Duff is the fictional beer that every character drinks. So fill this Simpsons Duff glass beer mug with your favorite beer and start watching or re-watching all 34 seasons. And you’ll see Homer, in one particular episode, win a competition to become the next Duffman. However, the contract requires that he cannot drink beer. And here is the scene from Season 4, Episode 16 when Homer escapes work to go to the Duff Brewery…

You can also take a look at becoming a Simpson’s Caricature. Or the Duff Pint Glass or the awesome Duff Beer Can Cooler. And the vintage metal Duff Beer Sign. Otherwise, how about this Duff T-Shirt to wear in your Man Cave. Or just wear it. You and your friends can all get one. But different colors. That would be less weird than wearing the same colored shirt. Still weird, though. And you can wear it on your annual Vegas trip. And remember, Duff is “The beer that makes the days fly by.”

Duff t shirt