Dragon Wine Bottle Holder

This cool dragon sculpture wine holder is very suitable for father, boyfriend, boys, male friends especially those who like mechanical or steampunk style as a gift for important occasions such as birthday, Christmas, housewarming, anniversaries and so on. 

Add an attractive statue to your decor with this Steampunk Dragon Wine Rack. Size: 9.2”L x 7.6”W x 11.6”H.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this Steampunk dragon wine bottle holder will make an eye-catching addition to your Man Cave. It’s durable and realistic and is hand-painted for a stunning finish from top to bottom. This fabulous steampunk dragon wine bottle holder looks is amazing from its mechanical appearance to workmanship details. The brilliant metallic finish of this wine bottle statue adds an extra touch while creating a breathtaking look. And this steampunk dragon is not only a holder of a bottle of wine but also wine glasses. Two glasses, in fact. You know, for you and the spouse to enjoy a quality bottle of wine in the evening after the kids are put to bed. So, you can place a bottle of wine on its back, and the claws will hold two wine glasses. It’s also is an exquisite piece of steampunk art. Perfect décor for your home bar unit. You can also consider another version of a Dragon Wine Holder.

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