Dolphin Sculpture End Table

This exquisite glass top coffee end table features a design of a pair of dolphins jumping out of the ocean. The tempered glass top is 1/2 inch thick with rounded edges. The table measures 24 inches high 19 inches wide and 19 inches deep.

WHY BUY THIS? Because who doesn’t like dolphins, and you’ll need an end table somewhere in your Man Cave. So add some Oceanic & Nautical home decor with this Dolphin Sculpture End or Side Table. And dolphins are smart. Did you know that some scientists claim that the average I.Q. of a dolphin is 126. Humans average I.Q. is around a 100, though Einstein’s I.Q. was around 160. Hey, maybe there’s an Einstein dolphin somewhere out there in the world’s ocean. Oh, and in addition to this Dolphin Sculpture End or Side table as home decor for your Man Cave,  you can consider this Dolphins Jumping Out of the Ocean wall canvas…

Dolphins Wall Canvas