Dimple Beer Mug

Made of glass. 

Dimple design looks great in your cupboard and while you’re drinking. 

Handle helps keep your body heat away from beer. 

Dimensions: 4 7/8″H. 

Capacity: 19.25 oz.

WHY BUY THIS? Because you need at least one Libbey dimple glass beer mug for your Man Cave. It’s a classic, stylish dimple design. And this Libbey dimple glass beer mug will make every day Oktoberfest in your basement bar. And speaking of that legendary event, you can Have an Oktoberfest Every Saturday in Your Man Cave. Why not? This nineteen and a quarter ounce mug is big enough to satisfy even the mightiest thirst. Because sometimes a pint just isn’t enough. So be ready for whatever your thirst throws your way with the help of this Libbey dimple beer stein!

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Oktoberfest tankard