Derby Dash

Set includes 1 Derby Dash game board, 11 numbered race horses, 2 dice, 1 game piece pouch and dry erase scoreboard.

Choose your horse and roll the dice to dash towards the finish! The dice roll determines which corresponding horse moves forward with each horse having the same probability of winning.

Heighten the excitement at the races by placing ‘bets on your favorite horse to win the race.

WHY BUY THIS? We are not sure this is aimed at kids, but it’s never too early to introduce them to the world of horse racing. This product is for those rainy days where your kids are forced inside, and you don’t feel like setting up the bounce house in your basement. Or, set up the bounce house, and also make it a game day, and include Derby Dash as well as Left, Center, Right, which is not a drinking game, and Klask, the award winning party game of skill. Derby Dash can teach them the important skill of money management. Well, so could Monopoly, we guess. And maybe playing Derby Dash, which has a solid 5 Star rating on Amazon, will result in one of your kids one day becoming a bookie, we mean, an executive for one of the on-line gaming companies that we are sure will be ruling the world someday.


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