Deluxe Caramel Spa

This beautiful spa gift basket is perfect for any occasion!

Make her feel special by sending her this beautiful gift basket filled with all sorts of gifts and goodies that she is sure to enjoy. 

This beautiful gift for her is just the thing to make sure she knows you think she is special. We’ve loaded it with some of our favorite gourmet treats.

WHY BUY THIS? It qualifies as spa treatment and what person would not like spa treatment. Well, we guess some folks don’t. But your spouse will like this. It is described as “A sweet and soothing caramel and cream scent wraps you in its comforting embrace, healing tired skin (and spirit) from head to toe.” Yeah, this is the one that will get you out of that all day swim meet so you can watch the back to back to back college football games on that critical November Saturday.


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