Darts Drinking Game

Wrap these can coolies to your favorite drink of choice and then try and stick darts to your opponents can coozie. While your drink is staying cold you can play a quick game of Drinky Darts by points (printed on each coolie) or you can play for drinks. Either way, you and your friends will have a blast while tailgating, out camping or hanging at the beach!

This set includes two premium can coolies to keep your favorite beverages cold and frosty. The material used on the interior of wrap keeps your drink snug so it won’t slide out. These drink wraps work on beer cans, soda cans, bottles, and more so everyone can play regardless of what you’re drinking.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this beer darts drinking game will provide simple and cheap fun for you and your friends while you hang out in your Man Cave watching football. Get a few of these beer darts drinking game. Then invite your friends over to your basement bar to play this darts drinking game. You’re sure to have fun zinging the included plastic throwing darts at your buddies’ drink! Each dart has a special hook and loop tip that sticks to the outside of each can coolie. Oh, and don’t worry about a bad shot or hitting an innocent bystander. The darts are plastic with special soft tips. Still, it may hurt if you get hit in the eye. So be careful. Especially after you downed a few.

You can also take a look at the other Beer Games. Otherwise, you can consider this game that involves darts. This game takes a bit of skill to master, but everybody wins when the liquor starts pouring!

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