Custom NFL Pillow Cover

100% PolyesterThis throw pillow covers 16×16 inch / 18×18 inch/ 20×20 inch print personalized select any name & any number & the team name you love.

Using invisible zipper closure for an elegant look, easy insertion and washing.

Fine texture, soft and comfortable hand feeling. Suitable for women, men, boys and girls. Smooth hidden zipper opening and closing, easy to insert and remove the pillow. You can use these pillowcases to easily change your home decor.

WHY BUY THIS? Because, c’mon, impress your friends with your last name or nickname on a NFL custom throw pillow cover of your favorite football team. Okay, maybe you’ll get laughed at. But it will illicit some type of response. Actually, two of these matching custom NFL football team throw pillow covers would look good on your Man Cave couch. You could put your first name on one of the pillows and your last name on the other. Well, maybe not, since that would require you to make sure there always next to each to other in the correct order.

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NFL ugly sweater