IPA Glass

Designed with ridges at the base to aerate your IPA and a full bowl on top to highlight aromatic hops, this versatile pint glass stands out from the crowd. Suitable for all IPAs, pale ales, and more.

Sparkling lead-free crystal construction and elegant modern design enhance your beer-drinking experience. Pour your favorite DIPA or dry-hopped brew and take your IPA devotion to the next level.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this is an iconic craft beer IPA glass and it just looks cool. So, you need at least a pair, or maybe four, for your Man Cave bar. Seriously, you’re not always going to be drinking a Miller Light but rather you should enjoy the taste of Dogfish, in a glass that will “enhance your beer-drinking experience.” And this craft beer IPA glass will do just that. Okay, maybe not. Rather, we think there are many things that would enhance your beer-drinking experience but no need to get into that. You can also take a look at the Bigfoot Glass Beer Mug. There are plenty of choices for IPA barware, including this beauty…

IPA mug