Couch Tray

Place your snacks in the stainless steel snack bowls provided. These are included with the Couch Butler and can be easily removed for cleaning. The snack bowl can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. 

Fully handmade, made of high-quality rubber wood + high-quality stainless steel, easy to clean.

The 80mm diameter cup holder provides enough space for 0.3L or 0.5L beverage bottles or cans.


WHY BUY THIS? Because this handmade couch bar butler tray table offers you a convenient way to have snacks, drinks, mobile phones, remote controls, cutlery and more at hand. Honestly, it’s a must have for your Man Cave. Especially if you’re hanging out by yourself. Just load it with some chips and guac and a few beers. Then turn on the football game.

There are two kinds of couch bar butler tray tables to choose from. One with two stainless containers while another has three stainless containers. It is time to choose your preferred color and enjoy a wonderful TV night. It’s available in two high-quality materials: acacia and bamboo. Both variants will give your basement bar area a stylish touch and harmoniously adapt to the environment. The lower part of the couch tray is decorated in stylish anthracite, which gives it a modern and noble look. Yes, you like noble.

And speaking of food, you can also take a look at Ooni Pizza Oven for your basement bar area. Or how about the Couch Arm Tray Table. Or you can also consider a Butler Tray Table. Otherwise, you can consider this cupholder tray for your Man Cave. It includes a wireless power bank to charge your devices.

cupholder tray


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