Couch Tray

You will enjoy for years using this sleek & stylish design without needing a replacement. Be sure that this is a product made to last! It can be a great fit in the bedroom, living room, your RV, car backseat and even on a picnic or jacuzzi.


WHY BUY THIS? Because this couch bar butler tray table offers you a convenient way to have snacks, drinks, mobile phones, remote controls, cutlery and more at hand. Honestly, it’s a must have for your Man Cave. Especially if you’re hanging out by yourself. Just load it with some chips and guac and a few beers. Then turn on the football game.

The high-performance gyroscope system ensures your cup will stay in a vertical position no matter how uneven or soft the surface you put the couch tray on is. The anti-spill system fits most standard glasses, and even lock the system into place for extra security. Need to store more items? Just put your beer in the snack module and use the spacer to divide it accordingly. And it’s designed with an USB C port on top linked directly to the storage space so that you can easily connect any external battery, ensuring that all your tech accessories and devices are always charged.

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ultimate bamboo console tray