Combination Poker/Game Table

3 in 1 Combination Game/Dining Table.

WHY BUY THIS? Because you’ll need something to keep you and your friends entertained when you’re not watching sports. And either a pool table or a poker table is one of the options explained in 5 Ways to Entertain Your Friends in Your Man Cave.  So get a combination poker/game table and play poker or bumper pool. Okay, it’s a bumper pool table and not the great game of pool displayed by Paul Newman in The Hustler. Did they ever make a movie about bumper pool? Probably not. But still, this combination poker/game table takes up less space, involves both betting and drinking, and is fun to play. Just like Poker. And if all else fails, it can be used as a dining table. So, consider this for your Man Cave. Or, you can take a look at other Fun Stuff for your Man Cave. Or, you can consider this combination Pool and Ping Pong table…

Combination Pool Ping Pong Table