Chewbacca Tiki Mug

Straight from the Star Wars Universe, this Chewbacca tiki mug is the perfect drinking companion! It’s ceramic build keeps your drinks cold and smooth! Enjoy your favorite drink in this stylish tiki cup!

WHY BUY THIS? Because if you’re a Star Wars guy and like Mai Tai’s, then this Chewbacca Tiki Mug is a must-have for your Man Cave. It’s Chewie for short. A Wookiee from Kashyyyk. Yes, that’s three Y’s. We’re still amazed at how Chewie, at 7’ 5’ tall and with girth, never gets hit by a bullet. And we always wished that Chewie would’ve body-slammed Jar Jar Binks. Oh, in addition to the Chewbacca Tiki Mug, you’ll also need this Tiki Bar Sign for your Man Cave. And if you’re a Chewie fan, like us, then you can also take a look at the Chewbacca Long Sleeve T-Shirt. Buy it and wear it proudly.

Or, how about the Star Wars Decanter. Or the Star Wars Wall Art for your Man Cave. It’s Chewbacca in a pub. And if you really want to go all out and spice up your Man Cave drink ware, then consider this Star Wars tiki mug set, which includes the Chewbacca Tiki Mug. Yeah, it’s a bit expensive but we think worth it.

Star Wars tiki mug set