Chewbacca Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Star Wars Chewbacca Basketball Who Invited Him Long Sleeve T-Shirt.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this Chewbacca long sleeve t-shirt actually is the coolest shirt you can wear. Chewie stands 7 feet five inches in height. He’d be a heckuva basketball player for sure. Who’d move him out of the post. Nobody. We’re not sure how you could not have this Chewbacca long sleeve t-shirt. Unless you’re not a Chewbacca fan of course. Oh, in addition to the long sleeve t-shirt, you can also get the Short Sleeve Version or a Hoodie as well so you’re covered for all seasons. You can also take a look at the Chewie’s Tiki Mug. Or, you can also consider this Chewie Pint Glass. Imaging drinking a Guinness out of this…

pint glass