Carrom Bubble Hockey

Thermal-fused, red, wear resistant Melamine make up the sturdy cabinet.

Scoring unit tracks periods and celebrates each goal; May be reset anytime; Automatically shuts down after end of third period; Requires (4) AA batteries (not included).

Sturdy and shatter-resistant plastic dome.

Precision injection molded gears for long wear, internal slip clutch to prevent binding and shearing.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this is the Carrom supper stick bubble hockey table game. Even if you are not a big hockey fan or knowledgeable about hockey, you’ve heard of the Miracle on Ice, the 1980 Olympic semi-final game where the college-aged and heavy underdog American squad beat the veteran and much older Russian comrades 4-3. We mean, everyone knows where they were when the Americans beat the Russians in 1980. Just like your parents knew where they were when Neal Armstrong first stepped foot on the moon. But we digress. This Carrom supper stick bubble hockey table game would be a great addition to your Man Cave and can be played with two to four players. And it requires skill. For example, the defense to center pass is critical skill you must develop to consistently score in Bubble Hockey. Once the center has the puck, you should be able to get a shot on net.  The wing to center pass is another skill you will need to develop in order to be a high-level bubble hockey player.

You can also add the Miracle on Ice to your Man Cave. Or you can go old school and consider this wooden table top hockey game. You remember NOK hockey, right?

wooden table top hockey game