C-3PO Butler Table

C-3Pp three foot tall waiter butler statue *   17. 25″ x 15. 50″ x 37. 50″ * Resin and wood mdf construction * Great for the bathroom to hold your guest towels or just in a game room, man cave, or restaurant. 

WHY BUY THIS?  Because it’s C-3PO of Star Wars fame. We’re sure you’ve seen every movie. Or show related to Star Wars. Okay, we prefer Chewbacca, but he’s probably too tall for a side table. Yes, he’s 7’7” tall, or about the height of Gheorghe Muresan, the former NBA player who also starred alongside Billy Crystal in My Giant. Now, C-3PO is only 5’6” tall and this C-3PO Butler Table stands slightly over 3 feet. In fact, we think the C-3PO Butler Table would be perfect for the Star Wars themed Man Cave. In addition to the R2-D2 Mood Light.

You can also add the Han Solo Wanted Poster. And speaking of Chewbacca, you can wear the Chewbacca Long Sleeve T-Shirt in your Man Cave. And you can consider this Stormtrooper decanter that can be served by C-3PO.

stormtrooper decanter