Buffalo Trace Wall Clock

Bar Decor Clock Buffalo Trace Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Man Cave Wall Art Barnwood Gray 18 inch wall decor.

Show off your style with this attractive well built wood wall clock art, battery operated (Not Included).

Custom printed wall clocks make a good addition to your home as Bar décor Man cave deco or any other room in the home as they are doubled as wall art.

WHY BUY THIS? Because you need a clock in your Man Cave. Well, maybe not. Our motto is “Time stops when you are in your Man Cave.” Okay, we just made that up. Still, a wall clock in your Man Cave such as this Buffalo Trace one known for Kentucky bourbon will prevent you from missing the kick-off of that specific game you’ve been waiting to watch all week. We guess you can also set an alarm on your iPhone. But this clock is cool looking and earns the right to be hung in your Man Cave.

We also recommend the Authentic Reclaimed Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Head Clock. It’s made from recycled whiskey barrels. Take a look. Or you can always get this Vintage Bottle Cap Wall Clock.  It qualifies as unique and preferred over a basic wall clock. You can take a look at other Wall Clocks for your Man Cave. Or instead of a wall clock, how about some Buffalo Trace bourbon infused coffee. Now that sound like a way to kick start your day.

bourbon infused coffee