Bubble Pouch Bags

Clear Bubble Out Bags & Pouches: Bubble pouches bags can provide excellent protection from shocks and impacts for devices during transportation, and greatly reduce the build-up of static electricity; Static electricity can damage your valuable electronics during shipping, such as smart phones, watches, PC accessories, etc.

WHY BUY THIS? This is mandatory packing material for your Vegas trip. Our annual Mancavia Vegas trips requires at least one bottle of bourbon from each participant. How do we pack liquor without breaking the bottle? Easy. We put it in bubble wrap, and put it in our golf bag. We have yet to have any issues transporting liquor. Nor will you. Oh, and yes, you can pack liquor bottles in your checked bags and it will not get taken away by airport security unless, maybe, you are packing a $2,200 bottle of William Larue Weller Bourbon.


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