Deer Buck Faux Head

The “Duke” is the perfect addition to any rustic décor home. If you are an avid hunter or maybe you just enjoy the decorations with out the hunting part then this is the faux taxidermy head for you.

WHY BUY THIS? Because it’s a faux deer buck head that looks realistic enough to put on one of your Man Cave walls. And we don’t necessarily think you have to be an avid hunter to include this in your Man Cave. Simply, if you’re an outdoorsman and enjoy nature and animals, then that should be sufficient enough to justify this wall decoration. As described, this faux deer buck head “is the perfect addition to any rustic décor home.” You can also take a look at the Native Cow Skull Decor. Or, you can consider this wall-mounted Faux Moose Head to make your Man Cave more rustic…

Faux Moose Head