“After 65 hours of research, which included getting intoxicated at a police station to test personal breathalyzers alongside law enforcement equipment, we’re sure the BACtrack S80 is the most accurate, reliable, and easiest-to-use personal breathalyzer that you can buy.” – TheWirecutter, February 2017

Blow for 5 seconds and your BAC results are displayed 10 seconds later on a bright, easy to read LCD screen. A

 In your efforts to drive more responsibly you need the most accurate results. While some breath testers give inconsistent readings and leave you wondering what your true BAC reading is, BACtrack breathalyzers will always give you police grade accuracy.

WHY BUY THIS? Any planned Man Cave event with your buddies that involves drinking should ensure that there is a sober driver to return them to where they came from. But sometimes they come over unexpectantly and may have a few pops during the course of a game. A handheld BACtrack Breathalyzer will let them know whether they need to Uber home or crash on your couch. The downside of having a handheld BACtrack Breathalyzer in your Man Cave is that it could turn ugly. Like, “Hey, let’s see who could blow the highest.” But if you and your buddies are middle-aged family men, which we suspect, then its less likely you will engage in such a foolish endeavor. But if you’re in Vegas. In addition, you should probably keep in your Man Cave some Morning Recovery to avoid the dreaded Hangover. Or, you can also consider the mobile professional version…

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