Boys Playing Pond Hockey

Ice Hockey 1912 Group Of Young Textile Mill Boys Playing Ice Hockey On A Sunday Morning On Park Pond In New Bedford Massachusetts Photograph By Lewis Hine January 1912.

WHY BUY THIS?  Because if you played hockey when you were a young kid, you remember how much fun you had playing on a frozen pond in freezing temperatures. Just look at the faces of the Boys Playing Pond Hockey. As the Great One once said about playing hockey outside: “You love it, you go and do it. Some of these kids on the prairies, in Manitoba and Alberta, my goodness, it would be 50 below zero and they’re out there skating.” Yeah, there’s nothing like it. This Boys Playing Pond Hockey wall photo will bring back those memories of pond skating.

If you’re going for a hockey theme in your Man Cave, take a look at NHL Tavern Sign. And make sure you have the Pint Glass with Hockey Puck.  Or how about the Hockey in the Mountains Canvas for your basement bar area. And if you believe in miracles, then consider the 3-Piece Miracle on Ice Canvas. Oh, and the next time you come across a frozen pond in front of an old barn, no matter your age, lace up those skates, and, well, play some hockey…

Pond Hockey Canvas