Bourbon Barrel Lazy Susan

Made from a Real 100% Kentucky American White Oak barrel top, used to age Bourbon in a Kentucky Distillery, and produced and manufactured in the USA.

Our premium wooden lazy susan turntables measure a full 21″ across and are made with hardware containing ball bearings for an extra smooth spin and an easy turn, even on family feast days; great for any dining table.

WHY BUY THIS? As you may get a sense, we like Whiskey-Themed products. This particular small wooden bourbon barrel product is what they call a lazy Susan. No, we’re not referring to your spouse. Unless her name is Susan. And she’s lazy. It spins 360 degrees. And this can sit on your bar or pub table and you can pour each of your friends a glass of bourbon, and spin the small wooden bourbon barrel lazy Susan around so that it stops right in front of them. Or, you can just hand them their drinks. But this is probably more fun as long as you don’t spin it too fast resulting in spillage. You can also take a look at the Whiskey Bourbon Barrel Coasters. to protect your Home Bar from drink stains. Otherwise, you can consider this large tree trunk slab to serve your drinks…

tree trunk server


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