Black Leather Recliner

A long day finally comes home to you and you need a movie? Or a relaxing game time? Or simply a moment of relaxation and rest? Whatever it is, our home theater seating are perfect for you. 7 colors of light to adjust your atmosphere, Lumbar Pillow, Power recline and USB charging stations and so much more, you can easily enjoy your family time with the movie theater chairs.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this beautiful looking black leather power recliner chair belongs in a Man Cave. And it’s got everything you need. Deep black color, power recliner, storage compartment, LED-lit cup holder, pull out tray, and base lighting, and USB charging port. You won’t have to rise from this black leather power recliner chair, except maybe to go to the bathroom. Unless, yeah, unless you wear some Depends. C’mon, perfect for those all-day football marathons.

You can take a look at the Power Recline Home Theater Seating or the Brown Power Reclining Sofa. Or even a Spectator Chair for your Man Cave. And how about a Genuine Leather Recliner Chair for your basement bar. Otherwise, you can consider this less expensive faux power recliner chair.

faux power leather recliner chair