Bistro Cocktail Pedestal Table

Combined Rustic and Modern Style— Create a elegant conversation spot. It is perfect for your restaurant, bistro, coffee house, patio, pub, office, home kitchen or any other decor theme. It is also great for social gatherings and light dining.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this round bistro cocktail pedestal table will create an “elegant conversation spot” for your Man Cave. Or just simply provide some additional seating where you can have a drink and watch football. But the round bistro cocktail pedestal table also can serve as a late night spot to hang out with your spouse. Then it can serve as that “conversation spot.” The Bar Stools must be purchased separately, but probably required unless you want to have folks stand, which can provide certain health benefits. If you’re considering a rustic flair for your Man Cave, then take a look at additional Rustic Decor. You can also consider this Wood Round Table with these Backless Adjustable Stools

Wood Round Bistro Table


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