Bigfoot Thinker Statute

Evading detection to become a mythical legend, Bigfoot the Thinker has paused here to plan his next move. Known throughout the world as bigfoot, yeti and sasquatch, the unique sculpture allows you to host your own bigfoot sighting right in your Man Cave.

WHY BUY THIS?  You’re asking yourself why would I put this Bigfoot Thinker Statute in my Man Cave. This belongs outside in a garden. But here us out. Clemson football players rub Howard’s rock before the game for luck. Notre Dame football players touch the “Play Like a Champion, Today” Sign before heading to the field. So, we think you need some kind of tradition for your Man Cave. You know, you can hang a sign that says, “Watch TV Like a Champion, Today.” But we think the Bigfoot Thinker Statute, who is as legendary as the Jersey Devil, would be more suited for a Man Cave. Something you can rub for good luck every time you enter your Man cave or before a big game that you’ll be watching, not playing in. Rubbing the Bigfoot Thinker Statute should be a tradition. Oh, and another option for your Man Cave is this Dungeon Gargoyle Gothic Statute. Or, and we think this is a must for your Man Cave, a Laughing Buddha Statute. You can also take a look at the Bigfoot Glass Beer Mug. Or the Sasquatch Rocks Glass. Otherwise, consider this cool looking Sasquatch walking in the woods rocks glass set…

Sasquatch Rocks Glass Set