Big Sectional Couch

5pc. grey and dark grey sectional sofa set well built with headrest for higher back support, seating cushion with square pattern tufted design (no button) sofa set with reversible corner sofa can be set up as right configuration or left configuration options. Removable covers for the seating cushions, headrests, the back resting pillows and small accent pillows the covers can be remove for cleaning if needed (main 3pc. left arm sofa, corner sofa and right arm sofa have connectors pre installed).

WHY BUY THIS? Yeah, it’s expensive, but you will have this big sectional couch for all of eternity. And probably will it to one of your kids. In our opinion, this sectional couch is designed for a Man Cave. We think it should seat 8 normal sized humans fairly comfortably. It has multiple headrests too, you know, rest your head. This big sectional sofa is perfect for hanging out in your Man Cave with a few, or seven friends.

You can also add the Aquarium Glass Bar to your Man Cave, which would be something else you’ll have to include in your will. Or take a look at the Modular Sofa. And if you’re really looking to add additional seating for your Man Cave, we suggest taking a look at the Breakfast Nook Table. Otherwise, you can consider this Power Reclining Sectional Sofa that has USB ports, storage, LED lights, and most importantly, cup holders, yes, you’ll take it…

Power Reclining Sectional Sofa