Big Daddy’s Garage LED Sign

Double-Sided Sign With An Arrow Shaped Design, Both Sides Being A Mirror Image Of Each Other And Reading “Big Daddy’s Garage Open 24/7”

Features A Distressed and Vintage Inspired Design That Gives This Sign A Classic Feel – Perfect For Off The Wall Display In The Home, Man Cave, Game Room, Bedroom, Garage Or Bar.

WHY BUY THIS? Don’t you want to be affectionally known as “Big Daddy.” C’mon, sure you do. You’ve heard of Big Daddy Warbucks. Well, maybe not, but you’ve heard of the term that essentially is a reference to a person with money. You know, like “look at you, you’re Big Daddy Warbucks.” And we’re sure you’ve seen the Adam Sandler movie, “Big Daddy.” Anyway, this sign is perfect for you and your Man Cave. You can also consider this version of Big Daddy’s Garage Vintage Neon Sign. Or this particular version of Big Daddy’s Garage Neon Sign that comes in several sizes and multiple colors…

Big Daddy's Garage LED Sign



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