Beer Clock Neon Sign

The epoxy resin integrated light strip has no seams and no leaks light. The shell is hard (not soft light strip), smooth and full. The lighting effect is optimized. The integral casting technology makes the lamp strip firmly embedded in the groove of the acrylic plate (not floating on the surface, nor simply bonding with glue). It is not easy to fall off, better protect the lamp belt, and the neon lamp has a longer service life.

WHY BUY THIS? Because if you’re not going to put the It’s Five O’ Clock Somewhere Sign in your Man Cave, then this Beer O’ Clock neon sign a perfect alternative. It’s neon and it will add some pizazz to your Man Cave. As described, “Bright and artistic neon lights are suitable for all kinds of scenes, all kinds of cyberpunk and hip-hop, adding some fantasy, fashion and exciting feelings in fun nights and fun spaces!” And c’mon, admit it, you’ve responded that it’s “Beer O’Clock” at least once in your life in response to a drinking buddy asking you “what time is it?” So why not put the Beer O’ Clock neon sign in your Man Cave. You can also get the Personalized LED Neon Sign. Or, you can hang this actual Beer O’Clock Wall Clock in your Man Cave…

Beer O' Clock Wall Clock


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