Beer Growler

Adjustable bar dispenser tap, lock up for safely traveling and loosen to unlock for enjoying happy camping hiking. 

Single-stage CO2 regulator, insert a 16g CO2 Cylinder (not included) and dial the knob to increase or decrease between 0 to 30 psi. 

Double wall vacuum insulated design for a long time fresh, keep the beverage icy up to 24 hours or hot up to 12 hours. 

A carry handle on the top lid, lightly take your homebrew or bar serve beer anywhere – camping, hiking, BBQ party, fishing trip.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this stainless steel insulated beer keg growler with pressurized Co2 regulator would be ideal for your Man Cave. That is, if you don’t want a Kegerator for your Man Cave. And if you’re on the fence, then take a look at whether you Should Have a Kegerator for Your Man Cave. Anyway, this is a fine substitute for a kegerator. Especially, if you’re not going to be drinking a ton of draught beer. First, it flat out looks good. And with this insulated beer keg growler with pressurized Co2 regulator, simply shoot over to your local brewery and fill this up. Or fill it up with your own home brew. It comes in both 64 oz and 128 oz sizes. Just keep it in the fridge until you’re ready to enjoy. And it’ll stay cold for up to 24 hours un-refrigerated. We note that you’ll have to buy the Co2 Cartridges separately. You may also need a Back-Up Growler to store in the fridge. You can also take a look at the Homecraft Mini Kegerator.Otherwise, you can consider this travel keg for those rare moments you venture outside your Man Cave.

travel keg