Baseball Wall Decal

Default color is black. You can choose a different color in the customization. 

American made and shipped product. 

Easy to apply. Instructions included if needed.

Add your own custom name and number to decal.

WHY BUY THIS? Because how can you not put this custom baseball sports wall decal in your Man Cave. Okay, it’s supposed to be for a kid’s room. But seriously? Why waste it on your kid’s room. They won’t appreciate it as much as you. And just think of the look on your friends faces when they see your last name, or nickname, on this custom baseball sport wall decal. Heck, they’d probably order one for their basement bar as well. And there’s room for 17 characters so you can put “Joe the GOAT” on the baseball wall decal. Oh, and yes, you can put the number 69 on it as well. You know, like Doug Glatt of the Halifax Highlanders. You can wear the Glatt Jersey in your Man Cave too. That’ll get a bunch of giggles from your friends.

Now if you prefer football and want to reminiscent about the four touchdowns you scored for Polk High in the city championship, you can take a look at the Custom Football Sticker. Yes, you can even purchase a Polk High Bundy Jersey. And speaking of customization, how about the Custom Bar Sign for your Man Cave. Or a Custom Baseball Player Neon Sign. Otherwise, you can consider this version of the personalized ballplayer.

personalized ballplayer