Baseball Bat Mug

Dugout Mugs are hollowed out of a solid wood baseball bat barrel. With its water-based sealant, each mug is double sealed (inside and out) so the liquid never touches the wood!

This 12-oz. mug is inspired by the classic baseball movie, “Field of Dreams.” “If you build it, they will come.” Naw! “If You Pour It, I Will Drink.”


WHY BUY THIS? Because, whether you’re a baseball nut or not, this is a cool dugout drinking mug that should be part of your Man Cave barware. As described, it’s actually “hollowed out of a solid wood baseball bat barrel.” And it holds up to 12 ounces of liquid. Okay, there’s bigger mugs out there but does size matter? Maybe for some things, but not this, and it will sure as heck “impress your friends” as they jealously watch you drink out of this baseball bat beer mug.

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baseball bat wine glass