Barrington Sherwood Dartboard

An excellent set for fun at home and more serious pub play, comes with pre-assembled cabinet, just hang on the wall and secure the board, you are ready to have some fun!

Includes official size 18” high quality self-healing bristle dartboard.

WHY BUY THIS? Because darts is the perfect game to play in your Man Cave. You can drink beer, watch football, and play darts at the same time. Barrington Billiard’s makes high quality dartboards for your Man Cave, and the Sherwood doesn’t appear to be impacted by the ever present inflation factor. There are other options as well. Hey, it comes with a “pre-assembled cabinet, just hang on the wall and secure the board.” We think the Barrington Sherwood Dartboard belongs in your Man Cave.

But you can also consider the less expensive Belmont Dartboard with Cabinet. Or, if you want to be official, you can consider this Official Tournament Indoor Dartboard.

official indoor dartboard