Barrington Roll and Score Arcade Game

Extra long 130″ playfield is one-piece solid construction, features 1/2″ playing surface with high gloss arcade style graphics.

Get right to the action with easy access push button controls to start or reset the game in seconds, includes exciting built-in LED lights and arcade sound effects.

Features metal cage cover to prevent the ball from flying off, built-in automatic ball return system.

WHY BUY THIS? It’s Skee-Ball. It’s a requirement for every amusement park or game room across America. We’re sure you have vivid memories of playing it as a kid and spending $20 of your hard earned parent’s money to get enough tickets for a plastic spider that cost about thirty cents to make. But you had fun, right? Sure, you remember how excited you got when you rolled the Skee-Ball in the 100 point ring. Heck, it probably earned you about 5 tickets. Yes, this takes up space but it will keep you and your buddies entertained well, for at least, a half hour. But most importantly, your kids can play it too while you watch football in your Man Cave.


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