Coffee Foosball Table

Robot style soccer players and reinforced 15mm thick side aprons with elegant birchwood veneer for additional strength and support.

Transparent tempered glass top converts directly into a coffee table.

Comfortable octagonal solid wood handle grips for precise player control.

WHY BUY THIS? Okay, this is interesting. Not only is this a foosball table, but it doubles as a coffee table or in our opinion, something you can have it in your Man Cave to use as table. You know, for drinking and eating, or putting stuff on…uh, we don’t know. But it will make you less pissed off then simply purchasing a soccer, uh, foos table that you end of using once or twice a year. Kind of like that gym membership. And remember, no spinning. You can also take a look at the Foosball Table only. Or, if you’re looking for the a combination, then consider the Combination Poker/Game TableOr, if you’re not into foosball or you really want something different for your Man Cave, then consider this Coffee Table Aquarium.

aquarium table


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