Barrington Billiards Pool Table

Premium reinforced construction with a classic 2 tone finish. 1” thick playfield with double side lamination ensures durability.

Smooth playfield made of 50% wool blend felt with k66 bumpers for consistent ball roll. Classic parlor style design with leather drop pockets.

Accessories included – one set of standard size 2.25 billiard balls, two standard size 57″ cue sticks, one solid wood triangle, two chalks and one plastic brush.”

WHY BUY THIS? Because a Barrington Billiards pool table, of course, would be a nice addition to your Man Cave. That is,  as long as you have a view of at least one television. And the great thing about pool is you can play with multiple players.  And there is plenty of down time to enjoy beer and watch football as you are playing. The game of pool is one of 5 Ways to Entertain Your Friends in Your Man Cave. We mean, who wouldn’t like to play pool with this Barrington Billiards table? If you’re an 80’s man, you’ve seen Paul Newman as Fast Eddie Felson in the Hustler. Yeah, it came out in 1961 but if you’re an 80’s man, you know who Paul Newman is and you’ve seen the Hustler. C’mon now, he plays against Minnesota Fats, a legendary pool shark who is played by Jackie Gleason. Hey, it’s not over until Fats says so.

You can also take a look at the Combination Poker/Game Table. And you’ll need the Double-Sided Pool Hall Sign for your Man Cave. If you’re on a budget, you can consider this foldable billiards table.

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