Foldable Poker Table

Our poker table without installation and foldable. Just 3 seconds to open the folding part, you can use it normally. Portable design greatly saves installation time and is more convenient to carry around when you go out. If not used, the poker table can be folded to save room space.

The table top has a circle of wood grain design for easier cleaning. The tube is thickened and the base is more stable, which enhances the bearing weight. The poker table can accommodate 10 players to play poker together, suitable for family, group use or other occasions, providing a good leisure time for you and your friends.

The padded armrests are 1.5 inch thicker than other poker tables, making them softer and more comfortable to use, no matters how late the gaming session lasts. The top of the poker table features a casino-grade navy blue felt surface with a unique graphic design for a great look.

WHY BUY THIS? Because don’t you want to win money from your friends while you watch football and drink beer in your Man Cave. Okay, we assume you’ve played poker before. But if you never played poker in your lifetime, well, as you parents might have said once or twice in their lifetime, you must’ve “been living under a rock.” A cards table is almost mandatory for your Man Cave. At the very least, you should purchase a foldable Texas Hold’em poker game table. Why? Well, it can be kept in storage and used only when you and your friends play poker. And you don’t have to assemble this poker game foldable table, too. That’s a bonus. Oh, and once you master Texas Hold Em’ – you and your buddies might have to road trip to Vegas. You can also take a look at the Folding Round Poker Table. Or, you can consider an elite table such as this.

elite cards table