Barrel Whiskey Decanter Set

The Atterstone Whiskey Barrel Decanter Set includes a 33.8oz whisky barrel decanter showcasing an elegantly glass sculpted ship, 2 heavy based lowball glasses, 9 whiskey chilling stones, stainless steel valve nozzle, funnel and rustic wooden stand all packed in a gorgeous gifting box. This whiskey gift set is the perfect addition to any Man Cave. 

WHY BUY THIS? Because we love the word decanter almost as much as we love the word Muddler.  And you need both for your Man Cave. Hey, we need to decant something. Maybe that bottle of Macallan 18 year Old Single Malt Scotch that you plan to share with your friends to celebrate something special, like your annual Vegas foray. Yeah, we think you and your buddies will be able to consume a bottle of whiskey in one sitting. So, buy this barrel whiskey decanter set and store it somewhere in your Man Cave. It will probably be used more than your gym membership. Listen, you will need to Find A Whiskey Decanter Set for Your Man Cave.  So this barrel whiskey decanter set is a viable option. Oh, and you’re going to need Sphere Ice Molds for the whiskey glasses, so why not have them shaped like the Death Star…

Death Star ice mold


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