Barrel Whiskey Decanter Set

The NutriChef Home Whiskey Decanter naturally aerates any liquor for full flavor & aroma. Separates sediment effectively before pouring. Used to serve water, juice, soda, iced tea & other beverages. Features 1100ml (37 oz) capacity.

The whisky decanter set features a clear glass barrel design w/ a beautifully detailed antique ship in the bottle that adds a unique feel, along w/ the included stopper that keeps your liquor fresh to enhance drinking experience.

These decanters for alcohol features an integrated stainless steel faucet that conveniently dispenses drinks. Includes a stopper and two 300ml whiskey glasses. The decanter can be easily detached from its pine wood base stand.

WHY BUY THIS? Because we love the word decanter almost as much as we love the word Muddler.  And you need both for your Man Cave. Hey, we need to decant something. Maybe that bottle of Macallan 18 year Old Single Malt Scotch that you plan to share with your friends to celebrate something special, like your annual Vegas foray. Yeah, we think you and your buddies will be able to consume a bottle of whiskey in one sitting. So, buy this barrel whiskey decanter set and store it somewhere in your Man Cave. It will probably be used more than your gym membership.

Listen, you will need to Find A Whiskey Decanter Set for Your Man Cave.  So this barrel whiskey decanter set is a viable option. Oh, and you’re going to need Sphere Ice Molds for the whiskey glasses, so why not have them shaped like the Death Star…

Death Star ice mold