Barbershop LED Sign

Double-Sided Off The Wall Sign With A Marquee Design. Both Sides Are A Mirror Image Of Each Other, Giving The Room A More Balanced Look.

Features A Distressed and Vintage Inspired Design That Gives This Sign A Classic Feel. Perfect For Off The Wall Display In The Home, Game Room, Bar, Man Cave, Garage, or Bedroom.

WHY BUY THIS? Because you can be the only person in your state, no…wait, possibly the universe that has a combination Man Cave/Barber Shop. First, purchase this barbershop LED sign for your Man Cave home bar. That is, though, you must also purchase a Barbershop Chair, which we think definitely would add some uniqueness to your Man Cave home bar. Just for the record, there are barbershops that combine a haircut with the allure of alcohol such as Scissors and Scotch and of course, the Barbershop in Vegas, which is more of a speakeasy behind a barbershop. Instead of the barbershop LED Sign, you can also consider this Barbershop Rotating LED Light…

Barbershop Rotating LED Light