Barbershop Chair

Classic Vintage-Style Barber Chair. Black coated cast aluminum detailing.Durable folds leather with plush seating.

Padded Armrests & Classic Flip-Style Footrest, Adjustable & Removable Headrest. Long single handle for full 45 degree recline.

This unique barber chair is the ultimate symbol of strength and renewal.Create the ultimate barbershop with this true ruler, the Vintage Barber Chair by Artist Hand!


WHY BUY THIS? Because if you want to think outside the box, then add a barbershop chair because you’ll probably be the only one in your state with one in your Man Cave. It has a wide seat, it reclines, and as described, “This unique barber chair is the ultimate symbol of strength and renewal.” It’s expensive, but you can also consider a similar less expensive Barbershop Chair for your Man Cave. Or an even less expensive One. And if you want to recoup your costs, you can turn your Speakeasy into a combination bar/barbershop, which is one of 5 Themes to Consider for Your Man Cave. Hey, that’s a novel idea. But you’ll have to add a Wall-Mounted Rotating Barber Shop Light or this Barber Shop Sign or even this Aviator Vintage Shampoo Chair. Or, consider hanging this photo of a young Elvis getting a G.I. haircut…

Photo of Elvis getting a GI Cut