Bad New Bears Canvas

Really eye-catching! Ideal for all modern graphic & photographic designs. Your Man Cave will get very special lightness & beauty.

WHY BUY THIS? Because if you’re a baby boomer, you remember this comedic movie about little league baseball. This Bad News Bears canvas depicts all the great characters from the movie, including Amanda Wurlitzer, the tomboy pitcher played by Tatum O’Neil, Kelly Leak as the local troublemaker, and Tanner Boyle, the shortstop who picks a fight with the entire seventh grade. And last but not least, this movie canvas features Morris Buttermaker, played by Walter Matthau (RIP), the manager of the Bad News Bears, who drinks beer in the dugout. Yes, that was okay back in the 70’s. And if you like classic movies, take a look at the Point Break Movie Poster. You can also consider this Bad News Bears Baseball Jersey to wear in your Man Cave…

bad bears baseball jersey