Babe Ruth Photo

This Professionally reproduced photograph of Babe Ruth is printed on acid-free heavyweight photo paper using archival inks meant to last years. 

This Babe Ruth photo is a great decor idea for any Home, Office, or Classroom. Multiple Sizes and Paper options available. 

Original Photo Date: 1921.

WHY BUY THIS? Because it’s a photo of the legendary and famous baseball player Babe Ruth. Otherwise known as the Sultan of Swat. And the “Babe.” As well as the Bambino. In fact, he had several nicknames. Apparently, he had 23 Nicknames. Oh, and you can read about the 25 Athletes with the Most Nicknames. But back to the photo of the baseball great and famous Babe Ruth. If you know nothing about baseball, you’ve surely heard of Babe Ruth. And we’re not talking about the candy bar. His baseball career started in 1914 with the Red Sox and lasted over 20 years. He played primarily for the Yankees. The Bambino hit 714 home runs, which was a record until Hank Aaron broke it on April 8, 1974. And did the Babe call his home shot in the 1932 World Series? It’s debatable…

This Babe Ruth photo comes in several sizes. We think you should buy one for your Man Cave. And if you want baseball legends on your walls, then you can also take a look at the Willie Mays The Catch Photo. Or sticking with the Babe, you can consider the Vintage Babe Ruth Red Rock Cola Tin Sign. Or this awesome framed Leroy Neiman Canvas of the Babe. Otherwise, how about this black and white photo of the Bambino with another legendary Yankee, Lou Gehrig.

Ruth and Gehrig Photo