Authentic Hand-Carved Buffalo Skull

Authentic real buffalo skulls and highest quality carvings. We hand select each skull and work directly with talented artisans with years of specialized training to ensure your wall hanging is an incomparable piece of decor.

Our buffalo skull wall decor pieces are made from ethically sourced animal skulls and prepared according to the Western taxidermy standards.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this authentic hand-carved Buffalo skull will look f-in great in your Man Cave. Yeah, it expensive, but it’s described as “Unique, incredibly detailed, and crafted by hand, these stunning animal skull decorations are sure to become the centerpiece of any home.” Or any Man Cave. Your Man Cave, in fact. There are several different versions of the authentic hand-carved buffalo skull available, so we’re sure you’ll find one suitable for your Man Cave. You can also take a look at the Buffalo Statue or the Native Cow Skull Decor. Or the Wall Hanging Tie-Died Steer Skull. Or even the Longhorn Wall Decor. And if you prefer Rams, you can consider this Authentic Hand-Carved Rams Skull.

Authentic Rams Skull