Authentic Bourbon/Whiskey Barrel

A genuine, used barrel made of 100% American Oak that aged whiskey or bourbon for 2+ years. 

Use as rustic or farmhouse decor. Dream up a table, shelving, fire pit or other DIY furniture project for your home or outdoor gathering space.

This used, full size whiskey barrel aged 53 gallons of American whiskey and it’s got the character to prove it. Minor scuffs, scratches and rusted bands just show off a job well done.

WHY BUY THIS? Ah, who doesn’t want a Bourbon/Whiskey Barrel in their Man Cave, preferably filled with Bourbon or Whiskey. Instead add something unique to your Man Cave and use this Bourbon/Whiskey Barrel as a table. Put it next to your reclining leather chair and sit your Bourbon or Whiskey on it while you hang out in your Man Cave. You can also consider this Rustic Barrel Table…

Rustic Barrel Table



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