Amaste Coffee Maker

Retro Style Coffee Machine with Glass Carafe will Look classy and it a perfect ornament for your kitchen, living room, and office. This coffee maker doesn’t hog too much space with the size of 6.3”*7.8”*10.8”, so you are able to carry it to any place.

The Coffee Machine gives you the option of adjusting the strength to your own taste, including Mild, Medium, Strong. This coffee brewer comes with a spray head to distribute the water more evenly into your grounds to increase the smoothness of the brew and retained the taste of the fresh bean.

WHY BUY THIS? Okay, you’re asking yourself, “Why would I put a coffee maker in my Man Cave.” Here us out, and this probably applies more to the folks on the west coast. We will explain in simple terms, since at your age, your attention span is much shorter than it was when you were in the prime of your life when you still thought you could conquer the world. College football games kick off at 9:00 am Saturday morning on the west coast, which by the way, is what we love about Vegas. You get up, roll on to the couch, and start watching football. Anyway, let’s just say you wake up at about 8:00 am (unless you have young kids), you can either go to your kitchen, make a pot of coffee, then go to your Man Cave. Or, you can go directly to your Man Cave, and make your coffee while you watch College Gameday. Which is more efficient? Of course, there is no law against spiking your coffee with some Baileys to start your day. Or, just start your day with Bloody Mary’s. It is your call.


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