Alligator Wine Bottle Holder

Stand out from the rest with this decorative alligator wine bottle holder from Rivers Edge Products; this unique wine holder has a striking, detailed, and realistic look.

This single wine bottle display holder is constructed of a durable poly resin that resembles an alligator chugging your favorite bottle of wine or spirit

Designed to hold a standard 750ml wine bottle; it will also hold bottles of similar shape and size for the fire water connoisseur.

WHY BUY THIS?  Because, as described, this single Alligator Wine Bottle Holder is a ”unique wine holder has a striking, detailed, and realistic look.” Did you know that the average length of an Alligator is 13 feet. And the longest length Alligator ever recorded was just over 19 feet and weighed over 2200 pounds. Not surprisingly, Louisiana and Florida have the most Alligators in the United States. Each has over a million Alligators with Gainesville, Florida having the highest number of Alligators in one city. In addition to the single Alligator Wine Bottle Holder, you can also take a look at the Flamingo Wine Cork Holder  to hold your wine corks. Or, you can consider this two foot Tuxedo Frog Butler Statute that you can put next to this highly-rated Barcalounger Leather Recliner in your Man Cave.

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